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Dental Care for People with Autism

Autism Patients

There are countless care givers in New Jersey who have had difficulty locating a dentist with the ability to treat family members with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and other special needs. While our dental office does receive referrals from local professionals, there are numerous families in NJ who search unsuccessfully for a dental practice to treat their loved ones with special needs. Dental care shouldn’t be ignored and whether your child or loved one has autism, or other special needs. Oral hygiene habits should be addressed early and Dr. Lichtenstein and his staff can help.

The usual dental care scenario for those with special needs may involve an uncooperative child. Depending on the level of special needs of the child, and the patience and skill of the dentist, preventive and early restorative care are often lacking. As the child ages, extensive oral decay, cavities, and infection may occur. The parents of children with autism and other special needs often search for an oral surgeon who may have enough anesthesia training and experience to deeply sedate the child, or do a quick general anesthetic to remove the abscessed tooth or teeth. Extremely few restorative dentists have the hospital Operating Room experience Dr. Lichtenstein has. Through sedation dentistry and general anesthesia, we are able to provide comprehensive restorative dental care to patients with special needs.

Dr. Lichtenstein is trained as both a dentist and an anesthesiologist. Sedation management offers more to patients than more traditional forms of dentistry. Who can benefit from sedation dentistry? The list just keeps growing.