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Fears, Anxieties and Phobias

Over 50 million Americans have some type of fear, anxiety or phobia when it comes to visiting the dentist. Some patients are just afraid, while others have had a traumatic experience in the dental chair. For many people avoidance of dental care has resulted in major problems.

Through the use of sedation and anesthesia techniques, we can overcome your past unpleasant experiences and eliminate your fears. We can help you achieve better dental health, improve your smile, and help you keep your teeth.


Have any of these bad things happened to you in the dentist’s office?

“The dentist hurt me with the needle.”

“The dentist didn’t make me numb enough.”

“I put my hand up to tell the dentist to stop drilling and he didn’t listen to me.”

“The dentist made my tooth hurt with the drill.”

“I asked for more novacaine and the dentist didn’t give it to me.”

“I had such a bad experience that I wish I could have been put to sleep to have the dental work done.”

Whether you need general dentistry services, or you’re tired of the more traditional, “white-knuckle” dental care and you’re ready for a painless and anxiety-free dental experience, please call us.