General Dentistry Monmouth County NJ

General Dentistry Monmouth County NJ

General Dentistry Monmouth County NJ

For many, your general dentist is the health care provider you rely on most to maintain good oral and overall health. Therefore it’s important you find the right general dentist. Dr. Lee Lichtenstein offers a variety of comprehensive general dentistry services at his office in Monmouth County NJ, that keep your teeth and gums in an optimal state of health. If you’re looking for a reliable general dentist, call or schedule an in-office consultation online today and join the family at Dr. Lee Lichtenstein Dental Care.

General Dentistry

What is general dentistry?

General dentists like Dr. Lee Lichtenstein provide all of the preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dental procedures you need to maintain excellent oral health. He is uniquely trained to both prevent issues like tooth decay and gum disease and effectively treat them

What general dentistry services are available?

Dr. Lee Lichtenstein offers several different types of essential general dentistry services, including:


Preventive services allow you to maintain good oral health by heading off disease before it occurs. Dr. Lee Lichtenstein provides key preventive services include regular exams — often with imaging tests like X-rays, professional teeth cleanings, and fluoride treatments. He also instructs you on how to care for your teeth, gums, and mouth at home with proper oral hygiene habits.


Restorative services address issues like tooth decay, tooth pain, and gum disease. Common restorative procedures include root canal treatment and placing fillings, implants, crowns, or bridges to treat weak, damaged, or missing teeth. The goal of restorative services is to save your natural teeth, or restore your smile when you’re dealing with missing teeth in a way that prevents the shifting of the surrounding teeth.


Cosmetic services help enhance your smile and improve your self-confidence. Common cosmetic procedures that Dr. Lee Lichtenstein offers include teeth whitening and veneers, both of which require you to practice good oral hygiene afterward to maintain and prolong the cosmetic results.

Overall oral health

Part of general dentistry is monitoring how issues like oral infections or jaw problems can affect your overall health. Dr. Lee Lichtenstein is specially trained to assess how your oral health affects your overall health. For example, detecting an oral infection in your mouth early on when it’s easier to treat can limit your risk of developing cardiovascular disease, and identifying jaw problems early can prevent sleep apnea or allow Dr. Lee Lichtenstein to recommend treatment.

Why is general dentistry important?

Having a capable general dentist like Dr. Lee Lichtenstein can save you time and money and keep you from missing work or school with oral health issues that could’ve been prevented. Dr. Lee Lichtenstein is dedicated to keeping your teeth, gums, and mouth healthy using advanced technology and education. Part of the focus of general dentistry, beyond preventive care, is helping you maintain good oral health on your own with proper oral hygiene habits.

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