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Dental Care for People with Special Needs
(Asperger’s Syndrome, Fragile X Syndrome, Alzheimer’s, Wheelchair – Confinement)

Special Needs Patients

A significant part of our practice involves treating patients with special needs. This includes people who are extremely anxious and phobic, those who have numerous medical background concerns and issues, such as cancer patients, individuals with mental and physical challenges, c-spine injured athletes, post cardiac surgery valve replacement patients needing IV antibiotics, stroke patients, seizure disorder and neurologically impaired patients, and anyone else who can benefit from our services.

We also treat children, adolescents and adults who have Behavior Management concerns such as ADD, ADHD, OCD as well as issues like Bi-polar Disorder. It is often difficult for these patients to sit still in a dentist’s chair, therefore sedation dentistry offers a good solution to enable proper dental treatment.

The patient profile at our Holmdel, NJ dental office is diverse. We see many patients that “regular” dentists just can’t treat properly. Our office serves the overall comprehensive restorative aspects of the patient with autism and other special needs. This entails endodontic (root canal therapy), periodontal, and prosthetic (dentures) needs, as well as basic fillings, diagnostic and preventive dental care services.

Dr. Lichtenstein has extensive surgical training, but prefers to offer treatment plans based on fixing and saving the patient’s dentition, not just removing teeth. There is no need for dental care to go untreated and we can help you have a comfortable and pleasant dental experience.